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Distribution - Wholesale

Creative Hands markets its products to over 250 retail professional art supply and craft shops in Israel.  In addtion, we are a major supplier of arts n' crafts products to educational and governmental institutions, as well as corporations and instructional art and hobby classes for both adults and children.


The Creative Hands sales team combined with several strategic business alliances enables us to distrubute a wide range of products in the areas of professional art supplies, high-end craft supplies, scrapbooking, wall stickers, children's arts n' crafts and more, throughout the country. 


Our warehouse in the Hadera Industrial zone is centrally located geographically to facilitate the distribution of the goods that we import each year from around the globe. 

Art Depot  - Retail
Creative Hands Ltd. owns and operates several retail super-stores throughout Israel under the store brand  Art Depot.  While the overwhelming majority of retail stores in Israel are still small mom and pop stores, we differenciate ourselves by the breadth and depth of products, the size  of our stores (over 2,500 square feet per location), the expert customer service and the international shopping experience we offer.
In addition to basic pre-stretched canvases which we import, we have our own canvas stretching facility and sell standard and custom size professionally stretched high quality Italian canvases.  
The success of our retail stores is due to a combination of a highly dedicated and professional team, a great selection of products, enjoyable shopping experience,  large available inventories and competitive pricing.  
Art Depot (e-commerce)
Creative Hands Ltd. owns and operates the largest on-line store in Israel, Art Depot, for professional art and craft supplies. With over 6,000 products and growing , we successfully sell directly to private customers, corporations and government agencies throughout the entire country, from big cities to isolated areas in the North and towns in the Negev desert.
The Art Depot web-site offers our clients products at great prices and a seamless shopping experience for all of their arts n' crafts needs. 
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